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Sri Mukunda Kisan



In pursuance of the directives on language policy 1968, the Government of India launched a massive programme of production of University level books in Indian Languages to facilitate a smooth change over in the medium of instruction in Higher Education from English to Indian Languages. The programme envisaged a central grant of one crore to each State Govt. for production of University level books in Regional Languages.

On receipt of grants and directives of the Union Government, the Government of Odisha formed an autonomous Registered society known as "Odisha State Bureau of Textbook Preparation and Production" under the Society Registration Act. 1860 on 11th March 1970 to help the State Govt. in the matters of book production in Odia language effectively. At present the Bureau is functioning in its own building located at Sukavihar, Bhubaneswar under the administrative control of Higher Education Department.

The main objectives of the Bureau is to produce textbooks of quality approved by the appropriate authority for the Higher Secondary (+2) and University level (+3) students of Odisha and other publications which the Bureau decides to publish with a view to making the same available at fair and reasonable price.

As per memorandum of Association of the Bureau, the aims and objectives are as follows.
  1. To aid and promote advancement of Education in general.
  2. To produce textbooks, hand books for teachers, work books for pupils and other educational literatures useful for furtherance of teaching and learning in Educational Institutions and for producing books for Higher Education in the regional language of Odisha.
  3. To encourage and procure expert authors having knowledge and experience to write textbooks in Odia or translate authentic books into Odia on various subjects suited to the requirements of the curricula and syllabi prescribed by the Government or other appropriate authority in that behalf for various courses of education and to apply for and obtain the approval or sanction of Government or the appropriate authority thereto.
  4. To undertake research in textbooks productions and ancillary aids and Educational Literatures concerning the various methods of Education and aids for education and otherwise directed towards securing improvement in the general educational standard.
  5. To frame, develop and recommend the Government and other appropriate authorities curricula and syllabi for the purpose of improvement in the general educational standard.
  6. To establish and maintain libraries to facilitate research in general and in curricula, syllabi and textbook production in particular.
  7. To stock, utilise and account for the gift paper received through Govt. of India or the Govt. of Odisha.
  8. To implement any scheme for free supply of books.