Odia Fonts – Download Free Stylish Odia Unicode/Calligraphy Fonts.

Welcome back to our website with a new post. In this article we are going to discuss about Odia Fonts. Here we will give you information about Odia Fonts Download and Install, as well as talk about some free and some premium fonts. You can use direct all the fonts given here on Android Mobile, iPhone and Windows 10, 11, 8, 7 as well as Mac operating systems. Read the full article to know more and to get the download links(Odia font zip file).

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Madhubala odia font

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Odia Fonts

Nowadays the demand for content creation is increasing. Fonts play a huge role for a good content design. Odia fonts help to write Odia Language in computer and phones. You can use it on Adobe Photoshop, akruti, bhulekh, picsart, pixalab, kinemaster as well as any editor.

Odia stylish font download

Odia Fonts Download (Free)

1. Odia Vasudev

2. Odia Visu

Odia Visu font

3. Odia Banita

Odia Banita font

4. Odia Hatalekha

Odia Hatalekha font

5. Odia Niraj

Odia Niraj font

6. Odia Prabhakar

Prabhakar odia font

7. Odia Baloo Bhaina Font

Baloo Bhaina Font

8. Odia Baruna

Odia font Baruna

9. Odia Vibhavasu

Odia Vibhavasu font

10. Odia Jaya

Odia Jaya font

11. Odia Kapila

Odia Kapila font

12. Odia Konarka

Odia Konarka font

13. Odia Lohit

Lohit font

14. Odia Nilachala

Nilachala odia font

15. Odia Odishi

Odishi Odia font

16. Odia Samaleswari

Odia font Samaleswari

17. Odia Ravai

Odia font Ravai

18. Odia Rudra

Odia font Rudra

19. Odia Sabita

Sabita odia font

20. Samyak Odia

Odia font Samyak

21. Odia Subhadra

Odia font Subhadra

22. Odia Sarala

Sarala Odia font

23. Odia Souri

Odia Souri font

24. Odia Sunil

Odia font Sunil

25. Odia Shuchi

Odia font Shuchi

26. Odia Suparnna

Odia font Suparnna

27. Odia Utkala

Utkala-Odia font

How To Install Odia Font

Step 1- Download your favorite font from our website.

click to download

Step 2- Double click above the font file(.ttf) to install.

click on install button

Step 3- Now the font is being installed on your device. After installed you can use.

installing the font

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I write Oriya letter in MS Word?

With the help of Akruti software, you can easily write Odia in MS Word.

How To Install Odia font in windows?

How do you write Oriya in English?

How can I write Oriya in Whatsapp or Facebook?

How to Use Premium Fonts Using Unicode

Final Thoughts

We have provided you as much information about the best stylish font in Odia language as possible. If you have got to learn anything through this post of ours, then you must tell us in the comment section.

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